Anyone have a tri color?

butterfly4uJanuary 1, 2007

Rose of Sharon.

I have this real tiny one that someone gave me upstairs waiting to be planted outside next spring. (it really is tiny).

I can't seem to find alot of info on it. It looks like 3 different tiny rose of sharon plants twisted to grow together. Do they really stay together and grow that way?

The colors are white, blue and red.

Just wondering if anyone has a larger one and what they look like.

Happy New Year to ALL!!!!!!

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Westview(Zone 8, N. TX)

I do. Got one at a local nursery. Mine is a plant from a California arboretum that seems to specialize in them. It is one plant which produces 3 different colored flowers.
The "red" is dark pink, there is a white, and a purple. They are double flowers and look like the ones on my bushes that produce a single color. It produced flowers about like the others I have, and they were very pretty. I was quite pleased with it as a novelty. If you have any specific questions I'll try to answer them, but it was just like any other bushy type ros plant except the double flowers were three different colors.

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