How fast do hibs grow from seed?

daniellalellJanuary 1, 2008

I just started some hib seeds Friday 12-28. I already have 4 sprouts as of this morning. I am wondering how fast these grow when started from seed? I have them under lights with bottom heat. Any info from folks who have started these from seed would be appreciated. Was hoping I could get a heads up on how soon I am going to have to expand my set-up for these guys.

thank you,


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Daniella, I've never started them inside, however, I've
winter sown them regularly. They did well and I even got
blooms the second year...I've heard that from some, you
may even get them to bloom the first year. I transplanted
several from my holding bed and have more to go. Which
ones are you growing?

Good luck!

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Hey Margaret, I was tempted to winter sow them but chickened out, lol. I have hardies, Southern Belle mix. Only had 10 seeds, so I didnt want to try my luck outside. From what I read, starting these inside early, I should have blooms this summer. This is my first year starting seeds so early inside. Normally I wait till Early April and sow on my enclosed back porch. I hope I dont lose these.
Which kinds do you have?

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You definitely will have blooms the first summer if sowed indoors in winter.

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I grow many plants from seeds. It can take up to 2 years before they will bloom

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