advice pls. re. fragrant plants in shady area

maioloJanuary 4, 2005

i'd appreciate any advice pls. re. fragrant plants i can plant in a shady area. so far, i can't find any.

if this isn't possible, how about a fruit tree or bush that is safe for dogs?

thank you in advance.

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eieio96720(11 HI)

You could try gardenias. We had them in both full sun and partial shade, and they did well. If there is some light (like under a large tree) you should be ok. Good luck.

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sorehands(z11 Honolulu)

lawai'i is a broad flat leaf fern that has a wonderful fragrance when disturbed...white/yellow ginger also does well in the shade with a very heady fragrance.

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Any of the old fashioned nicotianas especially the Aztec variety, (dogs will not touch them.)The dwarf hybrids you buy at the garden departments of the big discount stores are generally unscented, look for seeds from mail order. Easy easy to start.

Any of the brugmansias which are night scented like the nictiana. They come in white, various shades of yellow to orange to peach, the versicolor which starts of waxy creamy ivory and turns pink and I have seen lilac to purple too. Commonly called Angels trumpet and used to be datura sp.

These will grow and bloom indoors although not many flowers.

My very old dog has lived under one for 14 years and has never shown any interest in eating it, but have no idea how toxic it might be. I suspect not very because sheep eat it with no apparant ill effects. It will grow tall & straggly and does not mind being (it NEEDS TO BE) chopped back to one or two stem/trunks. Prune to the shape you want! This is a fun plant to train into weird shapes (wire cage) if that is what turns you on as it grows very fast and is relativelt pliable when young. Flowers on lateral branches. It can also be grown in a large pot in which case it benefits from periodic root pruning too. Bucket of water method of propagation, it grows roots very rapidly.

Its blossoms are tied to the phases of the moon, more when the moon is full, right now all of mine are loaded. For me it has not dome well out in the teeth of the gale but I see it (white single) growing on the side of the road across from Hale Kuhio in Waimea (BI) where it gets plenty wind.

Oh the scent! Just glorious if you can imagine tuberose x 10

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maleko(USDA 9)

Russian olive and star jasmine (not a true jasmine actually a relative of plumeria and oleander) would do well in upland areas.
Crinums, Eucharist lilly and Giant Burmese honeysuckle vine will bloom in light shade as well as many fragrant orchids

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hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)

Aloha Maiolo,

We have night blooming jasmine growing in the shade and it is really fragrant at night. It grows similiar to hibiscus in that trimming will make it busy and leaving it alone it will be a bit leggy. About the same height, too.

A hui hou,

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