Streptocarpus in Hawaii

maui_jen(11)January 2, 2013

I've grown Streps in cooler climates before, but now am wondering how they would do in Hawaii. I'm near sea-level, so temps range from 75-ish in winter to 85-ish in summer. Humidity is quite high compared to the mainland, usually 70%-90%. If I keep them indoors (without air conditioning) or out of direct sunlight outdoors do you think they would do ok?

Thank you!

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So how is your Streptocarpus plant doing? Are they doing fine?

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So far so good! I ordered six plants and they seem quite happy, even starting to bloom. Hopefully they will remain healthy in the heat of summer!

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Aloha Jen, I just joined the site and I can't even find my question I asked yesterday! But I did see your similar post. I have no idea how old your question is, but I wondered if we could compare notes, if you are still on this site, and still in Hawaii.
Mahalo, Venutia
p.s. that is if I can figure out how this site works. I checked the box for posts to go to my email.

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Aloha Venutia!

In the end, my streps didn't survive Hawaii. It is just too warm where I live. I kept half of them indoors with no direct light and the others outdoors behind shade curtain; both sets seemed equally happy regarding the light situation but they couldn't get as cool as they'd prefer. If they were upcountry at higher elevation I'm sure they'd be totally happy!

I absolutely adore Streps! If you are growing some, I wish you the best of luck - let me know how they do.

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