fruit tree recommendations for Pahoa

scrollo(LA, CA / z.23)January 8, 2006

Hi I just got back from visiting two friends in Pahoa and I would like to send them some fruit tree plants. I live in Los Angeles & while I know some tropical fruits, I am mostly a novice. What would you recommend for me to consider? They live right above Kehana Beach, less than half a mile from the ocean. They are located on a 1955 lava flow but both have had their land bulldozed some so the lava is broken up and things seem to grow well. And both are pretty capable gardeners.

Thanks so much,


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johndp8888(Oahu, Hawaii)

Cashews do well in Pahoa, as do limes, lemons and oranges. There are good nurseries near Pahoa that can deliver and avoid any problems associated with importing fruit trees.

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hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)

Aloha Matias,

If you send them a fruit tree seedling that you grew yourself, it will have to be sent with all the dirt removed and will have to be inspected by the plant inspection department in California. If you have a certified nursery send the plant, they may be able to send it with the dirt, although not all of them can do it.

If you would like to have a local fruit tree sent to them or have them go pick one up at a local nursery, you could try "Plant It Hawaii" or "Royal Palm Tropicals" since both of those nurseries have fruit trees. The Plant It Hawaii website has tons of information about the various tropical fruit trees available.

There is a nursery in California that specializes in "low chill" fruit trees, Dave Wilson Nursery, but they only sell trees to wholesalers so you'd have to find a nursery they sell to and buy a tree from them. They have several varieties of low chill apples, peaches, pears, etc. which may grow in Pahoa.

A hui hou,

Here is a link that might be useful: Royal Palm Tropicals

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Does anyone out there grow :rambutan , litchee nuts , loquats , giant mangoes ,mangosteens, pomellos ?

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Spent last weekend in Kapaho on a tropical fruit nursery. The star fruit was spectacular and they had some Sumarian cherries that were to die for. Never tasted anything quite like it.

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