Egyptian Walking Onion

BlueMoonTooJanuary 29, 2005

Is there a source in Hawaii for Egyptian Walking Onions? Or anything similiar? Do you know of any seed catalogs that can send potatoes or onion sets to Hawaii?

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hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)

Aloha Blue Moon,

Which island are you on? Those onions with the little onions growing from the top show up at plant sales on occasion. You could also look at Garden Exchange or Paradise Plants if you are near Hilo.

If you want potatoes, to to KTA or Foodland. Get the kind of potatoe you want and let it start sprouting. Cut it so each piece has an "eye" and then plant it. I like planting the little red ones in a five gallon bucket. When the potato vine dies back, just kick over the bucket and pick up the potatoes. Much easier than digging.

A hui hou,

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I have, in Waimea but I thought they were pregnant onions.

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I'm on Kaua'i. I asked around at the recent Garden Show at Kukui Grove but no-one had even heard of Egyptian Walking onions including the agriculture people! Everyone was interested and asked me to get back to them if I found a source!

Would you consider trading me a "baby" or two. I have about 8 avocado trees from 12" to maybe 36" -- if you would like one or two or three, I could dig them up for you. They're from my "winter" avocado that just bloomed and has marble sized fruit on it already. We pigged out on guacamole all fall & winter long!

The plant we called a "Pregnant Onion" wasn't an onion at all. It's completely green; grows about 90% above the soil; has layers like an onion; the outer-most layer is papery like an onion; the babies start out as bumps under a green layer, gradually growing larger until the paper sloughs off after which the baby falls to the soil; has very long, thin leaves. P.O.s gradually get big -- it can take years -- to about baseball size. I had one for almost 8 years when it shot up a center stalk and bloomed; it bloomed every year after that.

They are really neat looking plants in a large pot surrounded by babies of varying sizes.

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I was searching for Egyptian onions available in Hawaii, and I found this old thread. Do anyone have this plant in Oahu? It's an interesting plant to grow and versatile, too. The leaves and bulb are edible, and it's a perennial plant. It's called walking onion because small onions forms in the top of the leaves and when it is not harvested the weight will bend the leaf stalk, and when that happen small onion now has a chance to root on the ground--similar I think to the walking iris.

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johndp8888(Oahu, Hawaii)


I live on Oahu but get to the big island regularly. If interested in sharing, I could pick up a couple of sets at Waimea and share with the person on Oahu. I can be reached at


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Aloha John,

My DH comes over to O`ahu every once in a while.

If I let you know the next time he's coming over, would you be willing to meet him and share a couple of sets of the walking onion?


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johndp8888(Oahu, Hawaii)

I am trying to reach the person in Waimea who has them but have not as yet been able to. I will let you know when I have them.

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No rush!

I have no idea when Dick will be back on O'ahu. Thanks for answering and what a treat it will be to have these cuties again.

Mahalo, Liz

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That would be awesome, John! But as bluemoontoo said, no rush!

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