Oahu Urban Garden Plant Sale!

randg(11)January 17, 2010

This forum is a bit slow this month. Well, if are you free next month (February 13, 2010), the Oahu Urban Garden Center will be having their big annual plant sale. Perhaps you could buy some plants before the Valentine's Day to give to someone. This would be my second time attending this kind of event and I'm looking forward to buy more interesting plants.

Here is the detail from the site:

"University of Hawaii Urban Garden Center Annual Plant Sale

Featuring several local nurseries, specializing in orchids, ornamental plants, succulents, valentine baskets and herbs.

We also have a live demonstration on How to Make Chocolate and our local KCC Culinary Arts Instructor, Chef Dale Thomas, who will show us a few recipes using homemade chocolate!

Open registration upon arrival for 9AM "How to Make Chocolate" class and 10:30 repeat session

$5 registration fee accepted at door.

Please kokua! BYOB! Bring Your Own Box!"

I remembered from last year that they have trays filled with cryptanthus species. I bought my first cryptanthus plants from that last year event:

This red Earth Star is the original plant I bought. It still didn't flower and produce any pups, yet.

This other two are the pups from the other Earth Star I got from OUGC plant sale. The mother plant died few months ago.

I'm hoping they would have different and more variety of cryptanthus this year.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oahu Urban Garden Center

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The event was fun. I thought my wallet was ready, oh man I was wrong. I wanted to buy so much more! I mostly bought bromeliads majority, if not all, is hybridized by Lisa (she mostly post in the Bromeliad forum). I bought a vanda orchid, I think it's called Tokyo blue or something. I also acquired bhut jolokia, the world's hottest pepper. I should have bought a chocolate tree, but I was hesitating because I know that the space in my yard is limited, but at the end decided not to buy it. I also saw a pretty plant with chandelier-like flowers, but the price was a bit high for me the plant was so beautiful!

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