Did I get Beautiful Edgings? Or something else

njmomma(z6 NJ)July 31, 2014

Since this is one of my favorite daylilies I ordered more since mine isn't multiplying very fast. MY B.E. is on the left with the small skinny fans, the one I just ordered is the big fans on the right. So, does your B.E. have big fans or not? And if this is indeed BE with the fat fans then why is my BE so scrimpy?
Here's a pic of mine blooming just to show that it is indeed BE. Of course I'll find out next year when it blooms if they sent the right one but I'm wondering what your BE fans look like. (The small one in the very front is a BE I just got in a trade, it's starting to adjust)

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It depends. some people have huge fans...Paul Owens for example.

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njmomma(z6 NJ)

So the same plant can have totally different size fans depending on how it's grown?

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I don't know about BE, but I've had plants that came in from the south that look like leeks when they arrive, but never look anything close to that big the next year. I do think how and where it's grown, makes a big difference in the size of the fans,


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Nancy zone 6

My BE looks pretty much like yours, not huge fans like your new one. I'll agree with Linda though, I've received plants with huge fans that don't look nearly the same the next year. I don't tend to fertilize so I assume that is why. I do think my BE has more pink to the edges than your, but the flower looks right so probably a difference in locations.

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Beautiful Edgings is a fast multiplier here. I've relegated it to the hospital bed now because it was too dominating.

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color lacks the pink edge.
did you ever get to see King Melon -orange ?

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