Anyone purchase from Logees? Looking to get one or two this year!

heavenlyfarm(zone 6b)January 19, 2014


So a few years back, I had tons of tropicals and different varieties of tropical hibiscus when I was in high school. but then came a job(which overtook my life!) and I let them go....I guess the correct word would be, let them die lol. anyways, I am working on getting back into my passion, gardening, and I would like to get maybe one or two hibiscus this year in spring! has anyone ordered from logees or have any suggestion for good quality and a decent price?
Also when would be the best time to buy them or set them outside in the future? and when should i be bringing them inside in fall? I am in zone 6...I know they are newbie questions and probably asked before, but I don't wanna fail the first year! Lol when i had them before, i'd slack with all of them and they would never get out till mid-summer or never lol but I plan to be more on the ball!

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If you want some tropical hibiscus, I'd go to Hidden Valley Hibiscus instead of Logees. They grow them here in CA, a huge variety of colors and sizes. I bought several from them a few years back, the small sized ones took about a year to bloom but I was very happy with them. Here is a recent picture last week.'

In zone 6 I'm guessing you'd need to keep them indoors until May, back in before temps drop into the 40's whenever that might be. Here they grow outdoors all year round, but we also have whitefly, which loves hibiscus, always fighting infestations.

Good luck.

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7tcu(Gulf Coast of TX, 9)

I have used Logees and was well pleased with the plants size and the way they package plants for shipping. Their selection is small compared to Hidden Valley, but they had what I wanted at the time, good luck

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