Leaf wilt

beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)January 2, 2006

I'm stymied, (kinda)!

I've attached a link to pics of a plant I've been having problems with. It's a young plant (less than 2 years old) that I started from seed. Very healthy, started blooming early last summer.

The leaves started to wilt about 2 weeks ago. All over the plant, not just on one side. They're still green, no browning, or yellowing. It was in my greenhouse with other hibiscus that are all fine, still blooming, etc., and are starting to go dormant. All normal. This plant was next to a glass door on the North side of the greenhouse. I had cut back on watering, but had watered and fertilized it lightly, a few days before I noticed the problem.

I cut it back and brought it to a warmer location. The inside of the stems looked fine, no brown streaks or dishcharge.

Thinking it may be something in the soil, I got rid of as much of the soil as possible, looking for grubs, etc, (none). Root system seems to be just fine - healthy, strong, etc.

Put it in a different pot with fresh soil.

I've tried to figure out what it is thru my hibiscus books and on the Web and am thinking it was either overwatered or there's something in the soil.

Any ideas?

This was the second hibiscus I've ever grown from seed, so I don't want to loose the little darlin'! I'm hoping I was just an idiot and overwatered it. If so, I've certainly never done it before, because I've never seen a hibiscus look lke this!

The pic of in the Hibiscus Folder, and is the last pic, "Baby #2 1 1 06"



Here is a link that might be useful: Webshots page

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abekhoury(z8A Ga)

I am sorry Barbara about your Hibiscus. I wish I could help but I have the same problem with one of my seedlings in the greenhouse.If I solve it you will be the first to know.

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notanatural(z6 NY)

Hi- I'm usually on the houseplants forum, but just acquired 3 new hibs and been loitering about in here off late.

I wish someone would have a possible answer/ theory about this problem, because the same thing is happening to one of my hibs.

I don'think it's over watering that's causing this because I've had it less than a week- and only watered once so far. It's a very small nursery plant, shipped to me in a 2.5" pot. Don't know if it could've been the weather/stress.

There is no yellowing, no browning, just wilt. I have just repotted into a 4" but it was exhibiting this behavior before I repotted.

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jen_frazier(z7 TX)

My tropical hibiscus do that same thing occasionally - and they are in a spare heated bedroom with a lot of light from 2 big windows. I water my hibiscus every 2 weeks only - becasue i have to lug them outside and then back in. Every time I water- i spray the whole plant for a couple min. then spray with a "coccoction" and that seems to help mine. THis will be the 3rd year I have kept them alive over the winter.

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beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)

I found out what happened to mine.
I had overwatered it and a fungus developed. Clogged up the roots of the plant, so no water could get up the plant.
I watered it well with a 20% bleach solution several times and sprayed it with a funguicide.
It doesn't look much better, but it ain't dead! I'm thinking it will just drop the leaves it has and grow new ones.
I'll keep y'all up to date on what happens.

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notanatural(z6 NY)


That's interesting. Glad you go to the bottom of yours!

I watered mine with a tiny bit of fertilizer yesterday and it immediately perked up. This morning it was looking very happy.

Then this afternoon, when I got home from work,it's started drooping its leaves again.

I JUST got this plant from an online nursery- and if mine has something to do with its roots- it definitely wasn't me. I've had it for exactly 6 days now- so I haven't had much time to do much damage.

The roots looked very healthy and robust to me though - I had just repotted it few days ago. But, it was doing this drooping thing, before I repotted it- so I know I didn't damage it while transferring.

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beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)

I've had hibiscus go into a decline soon after receiving them from online. Thy've always recovered; just seem to need some time to get used to their new environment.

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Hi all to you!
The mine one stays in my free of frozen glasshouse with other plants. Therefore, even if I give no water, the soils are always humid. The air is also very humid, as you can understand. But my hibiscus so well flowering until Christmas makes now dark-brownish leaves. I thought that is the time for its dormancy and stopped all watering. But it gones always worse, so I changed the pot. The roots are quite fine, white and no rotting. That's what gives me relatively hope. But at the branches no new green eye appears! So I worry very much for this plant (H. pagoda) because I don't want to lose it. There are no fungus, too. Do you experience the same problems, and how you repare them?
Thank you very much for all helpful ideas!

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Mine looks very healthy....lots of bloom, no brown, yellow or spotted leaves....just wilted leaves....or mostly closed up leaves compared to other plants...... It has good drainage, is outdoors with lots of sun and I got it about a month ago. It's had wilted leaves the whole time.

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