Hibiscus leaves wilting, deformed and yellowing...

wsutherlandJanuary 1, 2013

Some of the leaves are drying/wilting, some are growing deformed and small, others are yellowing around the edges. I am getting a soil test done but am hoping someone has thoughts of the cause of the symptoms in the meantime. Thanks for any help.

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additional pic

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As you are north and bring your plants in each winter as I do, I can offer some experience advice. From your photos, I see similar items I have dealt with in the past, and am still working through. My thoughts are as follows.

Give them a shower first. One of my Erin Rachael's had deformed, wilted leafs. I have been battling spider mites on these plants all winter, but I think the bath worked two fold. I spray under leafs and over the entire plant with a detachable shower head. The plants and all of the leafs responded positively. Besides the mites, the humidity increase helped. I purchased two dollar sprayers, and plan to mist the plants daily. I also have a humidifier running, but I think the mist works better.

Next, my wife's Sea Spray showed the same spots. I added a very small dash of Mg (epson salts) to a spray and it disappeared on new leafs.

The thought is this...have you noticed gnats? We had a bought of fungus gnats early on. It was easy to keep them at bay by scrapping a layer the top layer of soil from the plant and adding new. Make sure you quickly dispose of the discarded material.

Hope you get your plants righted.

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Ed, thanks for the post. I will try the shower idea and the Epson salts! I did have gnats, but spread a thin layer of sharp sand over the surface and it seemed to kill them all off! I am looking forward to the soil results and will post my findings. Thanks, Wade

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