Canning fermented kraut?

John__ShowMe__USA(5/6)March 6, 2011

Was looking for the texture of store-bought sauerkraut and used the fermenting recipe & canning instructions from this publication:

Way more salt than I like to use, but gave it a try because salt supposedly increases crispness and the finished kraut could be rinsed in water to reduce saltiness before eating.

I must admit that the fermented red cabbage at two weeks with a pH of 3.3 was very sweet/sour and crunchy.... and salty !

Carefully followed directions & BWB processed 4 pints.

End result wasn't 'mush', but the pint jar I tried was very disappointing texture-wise. Threw it out and refilled the jar with fermented kraut & put in freezer to test later for texture. Not expecting good results & will probably end up throwing everything out.

Tried rinsing both the fermented and also the canned kraut in water before eating. Still too salty!

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

You can always try adding a bit of sugar otherwise it is just more rinsing. Soak the fermented kraut in iced water and then drain rather than just rinsing. The iced water helps with keeping it crisp.

I have always used the 5 lbs. to 3 T of canning salt ratio and don't find it too salty but then we like salt so it may just be a matter of taste.

Type of cabbage also determines the crispy factor so you may want to try different varieties.


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

PS did you actually weigh the kraut or just guesstimate. Weighing can make a BIG difference in salty flavor. You'd be surprised how much shredded kraut it takes to make 5 lbs.


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> PS did you actually weigh the kraut or just guesstimate.


I am very careful to weigh & record ingredients when I process and/or ferment stuff. Just another one of my quirks... :)

That was a great question though & glad to see it asked because sometimes to see instructions such as "add two cups chopped this or that" can be rather imprecise in my opinion.

Back when I was very active in sharing seeds & other stuff I bought a postal scale for precisely weighing pkts sent to foreign countries to escape customs forms by keeping less than an ounce. Very handy now for weighing ingredients up to 10 lbs.

Thanks for reply!

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For "canning" my kraut I have always just tightened up those jar lids and popped them in the fringe until I eat it. I only make 4 quarts at a time, so is it is not too much of a strain on refrigerator space. I have friends that just store it in their unheated basements at about 50 degrees F, but I have no such luxury.

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

I also use the 5#/3T. ratio and find it to be fine.
The only thing I do is add a couple of teaspoons of GOOD apple cider vinegar to each quart jar before canning.
I like the hint of sweetness and vinegary flavor it adds.
I don't rinse mine, but I'm kind of a salt freak so probably not the best to compare!

I wonder if pickle crisp could be used?
I've not done it, but maybe someone else can weigh in on that.

Sorry yours isn't to your liking, but I agree, keep trying!
One of the issues may be with the fact that many store bought krauts are really pickled cabbage, not truly fermented to preserve. Maybe that's part of the texture difference??


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