Texas Star hibiscus flower number/spacing

Carolinaflowerlover NC Zone 7bJanuary 16, 2014

I so love this plant! I read they need 3-6 feet of space, though. That is kind of big for where I have to put it. :( is that 3-6 feet wide and 3-6 feet long, or more like 3-6 feet wide by a foot or do?

If I only plant one, will it give multiple blooms at once? I saw many together at Old Salem and did not check individual plants for that. Thanks!

Also, has anyone had luck with this in part shade?

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Here in the Houston area they can grown to well over 10 feet tall with the right soil, Mostly they seem to stay at about 6 feet but can be kept pruned back if needed. They do okay here with either morning sun and afternoon shade or Morning shade and evening sun but seem to enjoy full sun for best blooming results. Each bloom can produce about 15 seeds so you will end up giving seeds away or growing a lot more plants. I find that I usually am able to find someone local who wants my extra plants as I have gotten carried away at times.

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Carolinaflowerlover NC Zone 7b

Thanks. How wide do they get? That is more my concern....if they really do get over 3 feet wide. They are beautiful! Knowing they like some shade helps me, too...I bet I can put it somewhere else. :)

Wait...you said the magic word....pruning! I assume I can prune the width down to 2-3 FT, if needed. Yay! Thx!

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Early pruning is best as it will be a bit more bushy. With most of mine they do not get that wide but they can get a bit taller.

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Carolinaflowerlover NC Zone 7b


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