Sad Hibiscus: Droopy leaves

sammyyummy(11)January 21, 2014

my mom has a hibiscus plant. it has sturdy woody stems but all the leaves looked wilted some even looking dried up. curiously the leaves are all a robust healthy dark green color; none of which has turned yellow at all. they all looked like they lost their vigor.

i was told it could possibly be wilt disease. so i used my ph/moisture monitor and found the soil on the outer periphery to be dry but the central soil where the plant is situated is wet (not soggy or dripping wet but noticeably wet.)

my concerns are:

1. ive read an easy fix using bleach water (1:2 cups water). should i pour it onto the soil while the plant is in there? wont the solution burn and kill the plant and roots as well?

2. how about the use of a cinnamon infused chamomile solution? can i also use h202 as well?

3. ive never been good at transplanting and am very wary trying with my mom's plant. her hibiscus has a fairly sturdy looking well-defined root ball. should i try to loosen it in the hopes of helping air go in, and dry the air?

please help.

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Can you post a picture? This can help identify the issue. Wilt and Die-Back are common in winter, but different in treatments.

Wilt is usually affects the entire plant.
Die-Back is only a branch or two.


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Its the entire plant - from the topmost leaves to the bottom - all the leaves are in various shades of green, no yellow ones but all are uniformly wilted or shriveled up/dried in some.

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Move quickly.
Here is an informative link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wilt Disease

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ive also noticed something wrong with my hibiscus plant (not wilt disease like my mom's) but it looks very bare. It has one branch that shoots from the main stem. the main stem has about just a pair of leaves on the top and nothing more, same thing with the other branch. there are about 4 leaves at the common base.

now what is wrong with my plant?

no yellowing, no pests, no eaten leaves just bare or very sparse leaves

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Are the leaves exceptionally large? If so, your light levels are low. I have a few CV's that do this each winter. I am careful in spring as I move them outside to make sure they receive very little direct sun until they shed the winter leaves and fill out.


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the leaves are of ok size but now there is hardly any new growth at all...though when I scrape the tip most branch, it is still green but it just looks dead without any foliage whatsoever

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