ifraser25(z11 Brazil)January 18, 2014

Do people grow Carnations ( caryophyllus type) in Hawaii? There are a lot in the garden centers here so I thought I would give them a go? They have been very successful, good flowers and drought resistant. My question is: is it worth keeping them for a second year?

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Yes. I have an aunt who had carnations in her front yard in the Aina Haina area for years. They were the pink, large, fluffy variety and they seemed to grow well. I've had carnations and pinks off and on over the years but mine eventually died--probably due to lack of attention.
As for drought resistance--be careful; here in Hawaii, every day is a watering day due to the heat (unless it rains really well). Also, am trying to remember if the front part of her house was shaded part of the dayâ¦You might want to put the plants into pots and move them around over a period of time to see what part of your yard they like the best.
Good Luck!

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