Can anyone identify this plant??

Chainsawforever(Z8B Canada)January 13, 2004

It likes a shaded position and direct sun burns the leaves.

The flower is highly scented. This is the first time I have seen the flower opening.

I have had the plant for about 10 years and this is a root cutting from the mother and about 3 years old. It looks better that the original plant and is obviously in a position that it likes.

Any help would be appreciated.

Link to:

Thanks, Guy

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kishon(z11 HI)

The flower looks to be tuberose. Still not sure, hope this helps.

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Chainsawforever(Z8B Canada)

Hi Kishon,
This plant is coming into flower now which is in the middle of our winter. It won't take any sun or the leaves go dead in a short period of time. It is not a bulb. I have loked for it all over the web and can't seem to figure out what it is.
The flower has still not opened and the pods of the flowerhead are about 1.5" long. There are several clusters of flower pods along the flower stem and the top flower head has about 100 - 1.5"pods growing upright.
The branch stems of the plant come out one right above the next and spiral around the plant as they come out on the main plant stem.
Maybe this additional info may help to identify.

Thanks, Guy

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Aloha Guy

The bloom is similar to a tuberose. Tuberose is very fragrant. It also has very narrow strap leaves.

The leaves of the plant you show look like Bird of Paradise.
That is in the zingiberariae family. That includes ginger (some are fragrant,)heliconia (most are not fragrant). Tumeric falls into that category.

It also resembles some of the Ti trees that are fragrant botanical name cordyline fruticosa.

Maybe we can narrow it down when it blooms.

I hope this helps


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Aloha again Guy

Could this be your plant? Smilacina Stellata. Try this link.


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Chainsawforever(Z8B Canada)

Hi Phil,
It doesn't appear to be Smilacina Stellata. The flower head is starting to open up more. I will post another picture once it opens fully. Maybe then it will be easier as you suggested.
I thought my grandmother brought this plant back from Hawaii but maybe it is from somewhere else. The only time I remember it flowering was about 15 years ago.
She has passed away quite a few years ago now so I would really like to know what the scientific name is.

Thanks, Guy

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Chainsawforever(Z8B Canada)

The flower started to open up. As each pod moves horizontal it opens up at dusk and starts to release its perfume.
After each flower pod opens it only lasts a day.
I would be very happy to know what the scientific name for this plant is.
Thanks, Guy
Here is the picture

Here is a link that might be useful: Hawaiin Flower Opening

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The plant is a Dracaena kindtiana or a Pleomele thaliodes. The pictures of these two look alike to me. I have one like yours and it should smell great when the flowers open.

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Very Interesting. I haven't seen one before. Ti plants are in the same Dracaena family.

Thanks venezuela for the help.


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Aloha!! My husband was working on Maui for several months on the windturbine project. Before he came home he was able to purchase 12 Tuberose bublbs from Paradise Flower Farms, Inc. and shipped them home to me. As directed I planted them in individual 6'pots and am thrilled to say 10 out of the 12 are coming up with lots of shoots!! I am trying to find out further care information, such as how big do they typically grow and in what time frame. As far as the need to re-pot soon ? We live in Washington State and I would prefer not to put them in the ground. Any info would be wonderful. Also when my daughter and I visited there were some big trees that had what appeared be seed pods hanging from the branches. I wasn't there long enough to see them bloom, but Tom said they produced blue flowers. I would really like to know what they were. Any helpful link suggestions would be wonderful for further research. Thank you very much!! Holly

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If you saw the trees that produce blue flowers in the upcountry areas of Kula, then they are the Jacaranda tree. They have just gone through their blooming season, while some are still in bloom now. And as far as the Tuberose bulbs go, our garden center is selling them now in one and two gal. containers. I heard the roots like shade, and the tops like sun- so go figure that one out... I hear all kind of crazy things from many customers everyday. They bloom when they get around a foot tall, and are a seasonal plant grown by bulb, and the blooming time is now.

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