Just Felt Like Sharing

aslan89February 22, 2013

Well the title says it all, just felt like sharing some of my recent plantings with you guys. :)

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Very Nice Aslan89!
One minor suggestion, will be that those little Hibiscus will be monsters in a year or two. I have the "Sunny Wind" and in less than a year (once the growth retardant wore off) is about 4' tall and nearly 3' wide. May want to have a future plan for spreading them out. Looks great though. Great color balance.

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I'm not too worried, I did another bed just like this one in front of another window on the same side of the house last year and they are still doing fine. They get part shade and not a whole lot of moisture. The whitewings hibiscus has been the best performer so far in the other bed but I'm falling for that double peach I have in front in this picture :)

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what are those pretty purple flowers??

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