Perennials in Zone 10b/11

Orange_Blossom(5b CO)January 16, 2004


I am posting a similar thread in the perennials forum, but I thought this might also be the right place to ask:)

I am looking for "half hardy annuals" to start from seed, which are actually perennial in zone 10b/11. Any experiences growing the following as perennials in Zone 10b/11:

-Ipomoea (morning glory, moonflower)


-Thunbergia alata (clock vine)


-Salvia splendens





-Callistephus (china aster)






I believe all of the above are true perennials in warmer zones, not self-seeding annuals, am I correct? Which will do well in humid, wet conditions in pots?

Any info would be great!!


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hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)


The impatiens and the coleus should do well if it is shady. They will get leggy after awhile and you can pinch them back, otherwise, they will just keep going. Petunias and zinnas do well for awhile, but eventually die off. I don't personally know much about the rest.

A hui hou,

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Orange_Blossom(5b CO)

Hi Cathy,

Thanks for the info, I appreciate it!


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Impatiens, Coleus, Pelargonium, would do well in moist conditions. I am not sure about the others.


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Orange_Blossom(5b CO)

Can these be direct-sown? Actually, a broader question: In zones 10b/11, does anything really need to be started indoors, or can everything be direct-sown?

Thanks for the info:)

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This is my first time to this forum. I don't know about growing those seeds in your zone, but I have all of the seeds you mentioned if you need seeds. I'm looking for vines.

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