Please ID This One (pic)

canarybird01February 13, 2006

Hello..I don't usually visit here as I didn't realize there was a hibiscus forum.

We have a couple of these in our garden which grow year round as we live in a temperate climate.

After a heavy rain this morning I walked around the garden with my camera.

I'd love to know the name if anyone is able to recognize it:

Thanks in advance.


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That is a beautiful picture! Are you a photographer? What type of camera did you use? I also have a small hibiscus tree but it's not doing well at the moment -- lots of leaves are turning brown and falling off. It was moved recently so I hope it's just that....any more photos?


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Thank you sshanky - not I'm not a photographer, just an amateur who enjoys the hobby. I have a few photos on the Hortiplex Database on the 'See My Journal' link and other links to my albums on 'My Page'. I used my Olympus C750UZ camera for that photo.

We're lucky with hibiscus here and have 7 foot high hedges of it surrounding our garden. The golden flowered one in the photo is one of two I planted near our back patio as I love the bright sunny colour.

Your leaf fall is probably the result of the move, as you say. It should start to pick up strength with the approaching spring weather.


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brianmkerr(S/CoastQLD Aust)

Hi Sharon, I have been trying to ID your mystery bloom, but with no luck. I have posted it on other hibiscus sites, but no one knows. Perhaps the high quality of your picture may be the reason. The bloom is familiar (maybe Meteor, but cannot find a photo to compare), but I cannot be sure to name it accurately. Try the site attached and let us know if you find it.
Good luck.
Regards, Brian Kerr.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hibiscus singles index

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Thank you for your comeback Brian.

I didn't get the singles index from your link but was able to get to the home page of the Hibiscus society and will spend some time browsing through their photos. I'm surprised that this one seems to be hard to identify as it's one that I see around here quite often, but no one seems to know the cultivar name, even the folks in garden centres.
If I do find the name, I'll come back and post it here.


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cathys1951(z8 GA)

This looks very much like some Mahoe Hibiscus seeds that I got off of ebay. Let me look for my pictures to make sure. That is all that I know of it.

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brianmkerr(S/CoastQLD Aust)

Hello Sharon, Got a name for you. It is called "Beatrice" in Denmark where it is marketed, though they probably got it from the Canary Islands and gave it that name.
Whatever the name, it is a beautiful bloom and we hope to see it in Australia one day. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
Regards, Brian Kerr.

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Thank you Brian ! I'm also answering your e-mail.

I still have to find out if any of the local garden centres has it tagged with a name as well. I thought that this was a very common one as I see it so often here.
If I hear of another name I'll be back to let you know.

Thanks again.


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