Crazy Cuttings

wdrew24February 5, 2013

My Tropical Hibiscus was so big last fall, I had to cut it back to get it in the house.
I took two good looking cuttings and suspended them in a slightly fertilizer enriched jar of water.
It took about 2 weeks but they both started sending down a nice cluster of roots.
I moved them into a pot with fresh potting soil.
It took about 3 weeks but the cuttings started to produce some new leaves.
Then suddenly appeared a bud on both cuttings. Both buds are now growing and lo and behold, both have produced a second bud.
Both plants are producing these new buds right out the top.

I am concerned that with both these cuttings only being 12 inches tall, and smaller in diameter than a pencil, that producing flowers at this point is way too hard on these new plants.

Should I pinch off these buds, or let em grow?? This tropical produces the most breathtaking palm of your hand size, blood red blooms I have ever seen.

Can anyone advise??

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I cut off the buds for the first few months. Better to have roots than flowers. Mot burn out your cutting.

Ricardo b

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beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)

I agree. I know it's tempting to see those gorgeous blooms, but for the health of the cuttings, cut off the buds.

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