Money tree / pachira

kalola76(9)February 28, 2008

Does anyone know where I can buy some braided money trees on O'ahu? I had two of them, but both have contracted some kind of pests. I'd like to replace them ASAP. I've looked at several garden centers and around Chinatown, but haven't had any luck. Thanks!

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Easiest way is to drive around ( with your clippers in the car - find one and ask the folks if you can take a small cutting. I've gotten most of my plants this way and people are happy to do it usually and like to talk a little "plants" with ya. I now have several in a bucket of water and they have roots, but folks on this site say its not cool to ship the plants between Islands. I planted 4 of them in a group by my driveway - just straight cuttings; but ended up pulling all but 1 out cause my neighbor warned me they grow fast and the trunks get big relatively quick !

You will notice that in earlier posts on this site other growers were going to send seeds or plants but then said its not good between Islands. So I'm not sure whats best on this.

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