Red Shield from seed

christie_sw_mo(Z6)February 3, 2005

If I start Red Shield from seed this spring, how big do you think it will it get this summer? The description said "fast growing" and gave the size as up to 5 foot but I thought that might be for areas where it is hardy and it won't be hardy here. I'm hoping it will get tall. Should I start it early?

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It should reach its full height, but maybe not bloom in your climate. They bloom in the fall.

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Thanks bruggirl - I was hoping I'd get a few blooms but was mostly wanting the fast growing foliage. Maybe I should've asked if it's worth growing just for the leaves.

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I have this plant and cut it way down to the ground because it was getting ratty looking. Will it come back? Its been 6 weeks now and it shows no sign of life.

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Hi,I also cut mine back every year,and they do come back.It will take a while,because they don't come back yet.I have some,and they are not getting any leaves on them yet.Just be patient.It is well worth it.The flowers are so pretty.

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njoynit(Z8b Coastal ~secluded)

I've got some started from seed to grow this ya'll have in full sun or part sun?I'm south TX so my sun gets quiet hot.They are pretty even without the flowers.

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I planted only eight of my seeds because I wanted to save some back just in case. I now have eight little sprouts. It only took a couple days for them to germinate and I was very happy to have 100%. Maybe these will flower for me since I started them early. Are there other hibiscus that you would grow just for the foliage as an annual? Or maybe I'm going to be disappointed with this one. Any comments?

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