iliahi trees (sandalwood)

halemalu(hawaii/molokai)February 7, 2005

we live on molokai at the 1500' level and want to plant indigenous trees and plants in an undeveloped lot next to us. please advise us on sources and how-tos. we are always looking forward to earth day in april when free seedlings of different plants are given out. also we got vanilla orchid cuttings growing in a screened box. they need to be planted as they have outgrown the box. should we plant them in a larger screenhouse?

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Deweydave(z11 HI)

Your heading said "iliahi (sandalwood)" so I'd like to address a few things about 'iliahi (Santalum spp.). There are two species that grow on Moloka'i, the coast sandalwood, or 'iliahialo'e (Santalum eliipiticum) which grows as a shrub, but sometimes as a tree. The other species, 'iliahi (Santalum feycinetianum) is found in the forested areas. Both are rather easy to grow if you find ripe seed. They are well worth the effort and very striking trees or shrubs. Sandalwood are probably semi-parasitic. This means they will need to grow next to another plant to recieve nutrients and thrive. If not they will soon die. I don't think they are very choosey either. So far, any native plant that I have planted my 'iliahi next to have been sucessful. Koa (Acacia koa), Koai'a (Acacia koaia), and 'ohi'a (Metrosideros spp.) are excellent native trees to host 'iliahi. I have planted 'iliahialo'e next to coastal naio (Myoporum sp.) with good results too. They need to be planted out when they are very young when about 3-5" tall. I wouldn't let them get any taller in a pot. Plant them in part sun/shade. Daily watering is necessary until established. They are somewhat slow at first, but then can grow quickly.
Moloka'i has many other unique plants found only in Hawaii. I would invite you to e-mail me directly and I can give you some personal information on what would be be good for your area. Aloha

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I've read that these sandalwoods are a partial parasite. Read that cotton can be a good host. Quick to germinate in the same pot.

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