Winter cutting experiment

merkityFebruary 17, 2013

I tried my hand at starting some hibiscus cuttings this winter. This pic of the very dark green leaf is a small sliver of cutting that i just stuck in to see if it would root. It did surprisingly. I also managed to get roots started on a 4 in cutting - yay! now to try more and see how it goes...trying a slightly different method on a new batch.

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this is the slightly larger cutting that has taken root - not a lot of them yet, but its going.

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I am very close to doing some serious pruning to get ready for spring blooms. Please pass along any info your experiments gain you. I will have the opportunity for cuttings on several on mine.

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I just repotted these two cuttings to make sure they were doing okay and I needed to change out their dirt. When I looked the roots have specifically come from the cuts I have made at the growth nodes. I am pretty sure i used some rooting hormone to help. and i kept them wet - not sitting in water, but definitely damp. I have heard that some cultivars root better than others. the two I rooted I think are my red double - ( can't be sure I didn't label them). I just started a pair of cuttings from my yellow butterfly, It had a couple branches that needed pruning. these two i have to keep outside due to aphid - so I guess we will see if they take.

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Thanks for the update. I bought my rooting hormone a few months ago to get some plants to Darren. As I have family near and will be visiting this year, would you like some? Email me directly to see what plants fit the bill and arrange a future meeting. Again, thanks for the info.

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At the moment, Edward LaPlante and Mahogany Splender are ready, many more will be available when the weather warms up.


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