Propagating hibiscus

gardeniarose(z10FLA)February 23, 2005

I read somewhere on this website that someone propagates cuttings in plastic baggies. Can someone explain this method to me and tell me if it would work with hibiscus? I did an extensive google search to try and find info on this but to no avail. Just yesterday I took 2 cuttings of 2 different varieties of hibiscus and dipped the ends in rooting hormone, put the cuttings into plastic Ziploc bags, misted with distilled water and zipped closed. I then put them in the window where they get filtered afternoon sun. Will this work? There is no soil or medium involved.


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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

See the link below for excellent instructions.

My personal method (learned by trial and error) is to dip them in rooting hormone and put eacg cutting in 3 inch individual pots containing a mix of half perlite and half vermiculite. I put the pots in a plant tray, cover with a plastic humidity dome (a large plastic bag would work as long as you use sticks or something to prop it so the plastic doesn't touch the leaves). I place the contraption under shop lights in my grow room and pretty much ignore them for a month or two. You will know they are growing roots when you see new leaves begin to grow.

Here is a link that might be useful: propagating hibiscus

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kankayak(z5 Ks.)

Thank you much for the link watergal.. Very informative..

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I have propagated them by rooting hormone and light soil. They have rooted fairly easily, no fuss, no muss, no misting, dome, plastic bag etc.

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I just stick mine in the dirt and keep watered. Sometimes they root, most times they do. I've rooted whole limbs this way.

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I dip my cuttings in root starter plant in "WET" organic soil keep in a pan that holds water check on it in about 3 weeks plant in yard or in pot. They have almost all rooted in 2 to 3 weeks.

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windyrr2(z9a FL)

I just bought a beautful hibiscus at Walmarts. The tag on it says "Grafted Hibiscus Tropical Hybrid".
Will I be able to take cuttings from it? How would I go about it. I see green on about 4" at the tips. Do I take softwood or hard wood cuttings and what is a good time of year to take them? I live in Florida. I think it's zone 9B
thanks. Cheryl

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I took cuttings about 3" long of the greenest stems I could find. I cut off all but 2 or 3 leaves at the top, dipped stem in rooting hormone and stuck them in the ground. I water them enough to keep them moist but twice now they were practically submerged by rainstorms we had. I think they have rooted because they are still green and not yellowing or wilting. Just for the record, I also took a cutting from my veitchii gardenia about 3 weeks ago. I took a soft wood cutting also about 3" long, dipped in rooting hormone and planted in a small plastic pot. Then I "tented" it with a Ziploc plastic bag to keep the leaves in humid air and gave it strong filtered light. I noticed 2 tiny new leaves starting to bud so I carefully pulled it from the soil (I hope my curiosity did not kill it) to check for roots and it has loads of little roots! Hope this helps.

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I have tried this method this year and had great success. Take a zip lock baggy put some water into to just to get the sides of the bag wet, then pour out all excess water. Drip your cutting in rooting hormone and plant in a small pot of mircaleGro and a sand mixture. Place in the bag. Then blow air into the bag to puff it up, then place under lights and wait for new growth.

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do you seal the bag shut?

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