wintering hibiscus about to bloom again!!

claudosu(z7 OK)February 21, 2005

So I've been overwintering my hibiscus in my bedroom next to an east facing window with growing lights. Well, I heard that usually hibiscuses won't bloom indoors, but mine is sending a new flush of flower buds. One should open within a couple of weeks and then the others will soon follow, I'm so excited.

Just wanted to share the news. :-)

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

Congratulations! Doesn't it feel great?!

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Claud, I read this yrs ago in the original Mr. Crockett, from Victory Garden's, houselant book..He spoke of his 2 tropical hibs, growing indoors, and now unlike most tropicals, the hibiscus did not go dormant. W/good light and regular feeding, there's no reason for hibsicus not to bloom in winter..Because of the low light we've had, even w/artificial lighting at night, my hibs have slowed down and flowers aren't as big as they are in summer, but all 3 of my hibs bloom 12 months out of the yr.
I use a special hib fertilizer bought at Stokes-Tropicals..this food is only used for hibs. It lasts 3 months but I use less and feed once a month..just sprinkle the food atop soil and water. It feeds w/each watering..
I'm happy for you..Toni

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janet_a(MD 6b)

2 of my four in the west window of my kitchen have put out flowers within the last few days. just in time for the snow. :)

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LOL Janet..I know what you mean..dormant plants have just started waking, and now not only are we getting snow, but it's dropping to 16 degrees tonight..Thank goodness for indoor plants..Toni

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actionbiz(East Texas)

So glad to see this thread. I brought my hibiscus indoors in the fall (zone 8). It's the kind with the braided trunk and must be 2 separate plants because blooms are red and orange. Anyway it's blooming like mad even though I tried to make it go dormant by putting it in a fairly dark room and withholding water (only minimal drinks). Odd thing is it dropped almost all of it's leaves. Someone please tell me they will come back. Also, I never prune because obviously the buds are always showing up on the ends of the branches. Should I think about pruning to enhance it's shape and if so, when do I prune? Thanks!

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Action, I read many plantbooks, and one in particular, Houseplants, by Crockett of Victory Gardens states, Hibiscus is one tropical that doesn't go dormant..It does NOT need a rest in winter..Mine are fed yr round and bloom yr round..though I must say, even though it's in south and east windows, and gets some artificial lighting at night, the blooms aren't as large as the get in summer. I'd place back in bright light, and fast..remove yellow leaves..W/good light, now that daylight is getting longer, you should see new growth. BTW, another plant that dosn't go dormant is African Violet. Toni

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claudosu(z7 OK)

My Hibiscus did drop quite a few leaves on the lower stems and branches where the window light and artificial light didn't get directly to it, however, now with the earlier sunrises I get a few extra hours of direct morning sunlight to boost it. So now the leaves are starting to sprout and there is a million flower buds appearing!! I already had the first bloom and funny it lasted two whole days before going dropping it. I shall be taking the hibiscus along with other plants outside in the coming weeks when I'm sure there won't be any cold spells (It's Oklahoma and we have very whacky weather, it can get warm now but we aren't really out of danger for frosts until mid April).

I'm also going crazy with planting seeds, and I think I have given my friends the gardening bug because they have gone insane and bought tons of seeds for herbs, flowers, and even cacti. They have more seeds growing than me, and I'm know for being plant crazy. :-P


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claudosu(z7 OK)


Hibiscus blooming profusely. I get at least 3 new blooms opening a day, and it's still indoors. What's cool is that the blooms last almost two days as opposed to two, I guess it's because it's not as hot as when it's outside in the summer. Looks really good in my garnett and marigold colored bedroom. I think I'm goign to repot it to a bigger pot soon. I think hibiscus are awesome, I'm going to get more as soon as they start selling them!!!

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