Best time to visit Oahu?

Ginny_CaFebruary 1, 2004

I'd love to return to your island paradise. Will probably stay on Oahu. Am wondering what time of year is best to avoid a lot of rain. Also wondering if there are any annual garden events I should consider including in my visit. Thanks

Ginny in San Jose, Ca

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Ginny - Oahu is usually pretty the winter we have a different pattern and you can get rain for a couple of days, as opposed to the Big Island where I live were it rains a lot.

Rain is GOOD. It makes everything grow!!! I would aim for January/Feb. Try the outer islands for great gardens!

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Rainy season is November thru April, though most times the sun shines between rains, so it's usually not a big deal. Also, you can expect it to rain all 12 months of the year, though rains from May to October are of usually short duration and maybe once a week or so. November thru April is when I try to schedule travel to the islands (I was born and raised there for my first 30 years). May through September is too hot and humid for my taste, after living in the SF Bay Area for 20+ years. This time period (except for the Christmas and New Years) also has the best airfares.

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Having lived in Honolulu, I can tell you that the weather from December through January can be cool and rainy during a few days in this period. The same storms or cold fronts that originate in the Gulf of Alaska and bring rain to CA also effect HI. Honolulu is on the dry side of the island so the weather will also always be better there than the North Shore area during the winter, but you can still get rain some days. I always felt bad (not really) for the tourists who spent top dollar to spend Christmas in Waikiki only to have it rain. Like CA, summer is the driest, sunniest time of the year in HI. Spring and Fall are also great and even if you go during the winter, you will most likely have great weather, but your odds won`t be quite as good.

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Will be in Oahu 3/9/04 thru 3/17/04 and would like advice on gardens to visit. Also, would like to attend a Master Gardener meeting is possible. Any flea markets other than, Aloha Stadium, that has plants for sale?

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I live in Kailua (Windward side of Oahu). Even over here, where it's kinda dry - it's been raining for weeks off and on. My suggestion would be to wait till early summer - like May/June. That way it's not too hot, but also not raining. I think Feb/March is too early - lots of things to look at, but unpredictable showers. July/August is TOO hot, quite dry, and you'll burn fast. (but that could happen even now - depends on how pale U R) Of course a nice September/October visit is always good - cooler, but still dry, and things are blooming.

Other than that - you know, it doesn't get cold when it's raining, just wet. There's lots of plants blooming now, due to all the rain we've had lately. Really pretty.

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