dream herb

drgreenthumb951April 15, 2009

any one growing this plant (Calea zacatechichi) also known as the leaf of god.. a dream herb

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jonnys(9 Orlando Fl)

I would like to, though the only places I have found it (online), I feel are too overpriced. From what I have read, it is nearly impossible to propagate from seed, though does well from cuttings. Check the herbalism form as there is a little bit of information on there. Best of luck in your search of c. Zacatechichi

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thanks i found a web site a ordered seeds..that before i found out what you mentioned above but ill give it a try, i read it grows well in pretty much any soil so will see how it goes....salvia d. would be awesome but cant find seeds anywhere

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just got my dream herd seeds in the mail! weird they look like dried flowers..well we will see how it goes!

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If you don't over eat or drink shortly before bed time
and you have a good memory, in general, chances are you will recall your dream. Dream source is our unconcious mind (brain), the things that have been of concern to us, mostly in the near past but also sometimes much earlier.

Dreams are mostly illusive, in that they are mostly imaginary creations of human mind.So, some chemicals, be it herb, extract, or pharmaceutical product, can make one's mind more imaginative and illusive. Illusion and imagination are close relatives.
To me, the interjection of "God" in a name of a plant or an object, connotes a form of superstition and man's desire to relate to something super natural, as the source of power, cure, etc.
I love all herbs and vegetable (that are not toxic or harmful) but i try not to count too much on any singl thing for ultimate source of this or that.

Aftre Googling the subject, I found a lot of marketers of this plant's leaves. That also tells me that there are some who prey on naive soles. Like the saying goes:

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