Barbara Mandrell ffo and rebloomers

shive(6b TN)July 14, 2014

One of my new reds this spring, BARBARA MANDRELL, was nice enough to wait until I returned from my trip to start blooming. I like it a lot already, but I think the bloom will get even better when it's not so hot and it has settled in a bit. Sorry it's a bit out of focus. The wind was blowing, and it was getting ready to storm when I took the photo this afternoon.

QUEEN OF NARNIA is reblooming. In a season with short scapes and awful foliage, the Queen beat the odds. She is her registered height with foliage that has stayed dark green and fairly unblemished.

ROSY RHINO has had very nice blooms this year.

WORTHY CREATION's scapes were taller than registered with a good many buds.

ZIPPORAH in the evening after a 93 degree day.

Columbus with CHEROKEE STAR.

AERIAL APPLIQUE was my first daylily to bloom this year. It has been reblooming for more than a week.


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Julia NY(6)

Love those reds Debra. But ZIPPORAH is quite attractive. Is it deeper in color in the beginning of the day?
And yes, Zeus looks stunning too ;-)


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Columbus always poses so nicely for you. I'm wowed by Barbara Mandrell. What a gorgeous red. Rosy Rhino never gave me a bloom that wasn't splotchy, so it's long gone from my garden. Yours looks terrific.

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Rosy Rhino has done okay here this year also. Zipporah seems to be a big one; and a lovely one. Have never tried any of Bell's cultivars.

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Very nice pose from Columbus. Very stately. It never has failed that you will post one that gets me to drooling, and you've done it with Barbara Mandrell. Rosy Rhino is gorgeous too. I am obviously in a red usual. your photos are lovely.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

wow; BARBARA MANDRELL is a beauty. Theres a rose named after her, too that's a beauty.QUEEN OF NARNIA is my favorite of these.I love that oneMy ROSEY rHINO was splotchy, even after I sprayed it.ZIPPORAH looks good, even in the hot temps. and Columbus looks cool.It was very hot here today, too. 94 with a heat index of 105.I went out to water, but turned around and came back in and decided I would wait till morning, anyway, they saying a 70% chance for storms tonight. I doubt we get it, but, maybe.


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shive(6b TN)

Julia - Earlier in the day the eyed and edge of Zipporah were a bit darker. The petal color did not fade much.

Jean - I hope you got some rain. We got three rounds of rain yesterday. I've been really happy with Queen of Narnia this year.


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Oh very pretty group! I like everything here especially Barbara!
Nice pic of Columbus, I like how she stretched her front paws. My cats don't pose for me :)

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Columbus looks so contented there in front of the daylilies. When my cats are in the beds close to the house there is usually some destruction that occurs due to Mantis hunting.

Barbra Mandrell looks wonderful, and Zipporah still look fantastic considering how hot the day!


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Nancy zone 6

Barbara Mandrell has a wonderful color, I really like that one. Really like Rosy Rhino

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