Newbie- where to purchase?

quicksilver(z6bMA)February 4, 2011

Hi all! I am in S.E. Massachusetts. I am really keen on huge red or purple blooms of hibiscus. I need hardy plants as I am in zone 6; where do you recommend I make my purchase? I'm not afraid of dealing with online vendors.

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What type of Hibiscus are you looking for Hardy Hibiscus or Tropical ( hybrid hibiscus)

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Hardy plants for southeastern Massachusetts, which is generally considered to be zone 6b. I am looking for varieties with huge blooms.

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princealbert(Aransas Pass TX)

Welcome to the forum. I can't help because I live in texas. Just wanted to say welcome

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rsingley(z6a NJ)

Hardy hibiscus are very common at most landscape centers. Since they are so prolific I'm sure you can get several offers for free seedlings from members here for nothing more than a SASE. I pull out and compost thousands every spring/summer.

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!!!!!!My ears just popped up in attention!!!!!!
I guess I'm not really educated as to the distinctions of the different varieties of hardy hibiscus. A few years ago in a neighboring town I noticed plants in front of a home 2'- 3' tall with 5" blooms. I inquired and was told that they were hardy hibiscus. The hardy hibiscus that is sold up here in stores like Lowes and HD are at least 4' tall and sell for $15-$25 per plant. I am under the impression that malva is another name for hibiscus? Anyway- I would certainly enjoy the opportunity of the SSAE thing. I could also exchange canna president or wyoming(?).

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