Need some feedback on new hibiscuses

jayfergMarch 20, 2005

I bought two gorgeous Hibiscuses at the SF Garden Show today and I am not sure how to prune them. The first is a tall one and I was wondering if I should just prune all 3 braches back to help it branch or maybe train it into a tree?? I just don't like all the bare spots on the bottom(unless I go the small tree route). The other one is much shorter but the branches are at weird angels. I would like to maybe keep it on the smaller bushier side. I am not shy about pruning but don't want to mess them up. Also, I would love to root some. Do they root easily from cuttings?

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Hi, if you do have some cuttings,I would like some,don;t have to be rooted.I cut mine back,and use root,and then,plant them.They don;t all grow,but a lot do.I could send postage,or maybe some La Iris, I have yellow,and purple.

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I'll let you know when I prune and you are welcome to one.

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