Is it true that glass canning jars can be frozen?

lucillleMarch 27, 2014

I was searching information about freezing cooked beans and saw an article from a person who says she fully cooks her beans with seasoning and then freezes them in canning jars.
I'm not sure I've ever frozen food in something that is glass, it doesn't break?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Yes you can but you need to leave extra inch or so of headspace so as the food expands inside it doesn't break the jar. I recommend only loosely capping the jar until the food is frozen and then you can tighten the cap.

I will add that they take up more room in the freezer than either regular freezer cartons or plastic bags.


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Only certain jars are recommended for freezing. Usually wide mouth or jars that don't have a 'neck'. Wide mouth pints and regular mouth 1/2 pints or 1/4 pints. I wouldn't recommend wide mouth qts without caution.

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I think I personally will just use plastic bags because of the space consideration that Dave mentioned.

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I use glass canning jars in the freezer on a regular basis. The straight-sided ones are the best, but I have used the ones that aren't straight and I have used wide mouth quarts, as well. Over several decades, I've had only two jars break but I accidentally bumped them together in the freezer after they were frozen. They do take up more space, and you do need to leave room for expansion, as Dave said. I store some things in plastic, but prefer glass and think they maintain food quality better. Plastic can lose a seal or get torn. I don't have a food saver, so my freezer ziplocks aren't as good as the food saver bags.

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CA Kate

I make my own stock and always freeze it in glass jars of different sizes so I can grab only the amount I will need. I prefer wide-mouth straight-sided jars too. As recommended before: always leave plenty of headroom and the caps unscrewed until frozen.

For vegetables, I always freeze in ziplock-type bags. After they are frozen flat I stand the bags upright - like books - in a shoe box, that way they are easy to get to and are less likely to get damaged.

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My freezer will hold the 25# tomato boxes without a lid, plus I have hundreds. I have/can put about a months worth of food in one box. I stack them in the deep freezer, or slide them on the shelves for the upright. Just another use for them. I use tomato boxes for LOTS of things. Good thing I have so many of them.

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