Hibiscus Seeds Available, Hand pollinated

jueluoMarch 3, 2009

hi, we have been cloning and provide hibiscus seeds for quite sometimes, we do hand pollination via the same flower and some are cross, seeds are limited and available at this site


have an enjoyable stay thanks


Here is a link that might be useful: hibsicus seeds

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brianmkerr(S/CoastQLD Aust)

Hello Friends, I am an experienced grower of hibiscus from seed for the last 30 years and vouch for the fact that unless a hibiscus is a species or near species, IT WILL NOT grow true to pod parent in 99.9999% of cases. You may care to know this person is reputed to be a fraudster. I cannot say so personally, but have a read of the posts below:
Hi Carlos and Friends....
This Ebay fraudster(Jueluo Orchids - Singapore) is now selling hibiscus rooted cuttings claiming that they will bloom as per the modified fake photos that they have displayed, so in a few months they should start to get a lot of negative feedback when the duped customers realize the blooms are nothing like the photos.
Only problem is they will probably register with ebay under a new user name(like last time) and continue to rip off unsuspecting customers.
Hi all:
If you are thinking to buy (or sadly you bought) hibiscus seeds from an ebay seller with nick jueluo_orchids (http://myworld. ebay.com/ jueluo_orchids/) do not do it. It is a fake.
It is the same person from Singapore that appears from time to time with photoshop versions of hibiscus pictures. I must recognised that he is doing better each time.
As example, he has an item for sale (click on the link to see it)

that is a cuasi-perfect modification of "Tahitian Purple Splendor" which you can see attached (Dick Jhonson is the owner, not me). Attached you have the same pic, but the real one.
You decide, Brian.

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Hi to whom it may be concerned, please check out our guidlines for hibiscus seeds, They are all hand pollinated from the same flower and some are cross, Nice to meet you here :) we have self-explanatory video slide in obtaning their seeds and have say that seeds obtain at such will not bloom 100% true only a cutting of it's hybrid would bloom 100% true. Your regards and ''fact'' of not obtaining the same flower of 99.99% is ridiculous and also we give all our customer a warranty purchase of up to 90 days we don't rip off or as you have said or claims some of our customers has seen our blooms and thus repeating their sales with us. your slanderous pressuming and pursuit is very despicable and silly. We want every customer a 100% sastisfaction in our item, FULL WARRANTY OF UP TO 90 DAYS ARE THUS GIVEN due to people like you whom spread such despicable slanderous remark, i urge all hibiscus lover and grower to expose this untrue fact of bewilderment.

Violet-milky way has been obtain from malaysia and it's a hyrid we have took from malaysia itself and you claims is from Dick Jhonson the Owner and yet he himself doesn't make any remarks and you are trying means and way to make this malign statement in an attempt to tarnish our profile.

I advise you to search the net and you can find many as you have claim ''Tahitian Purple Splendor'' around in multiple facet, our buyers, reader has the intuition to see through your motive and plans thanks


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brianmkerr(S/CoastQLD Aust)

My apologies jueluo_orchis, obviously I have been misled by people I do not even know. Internet postings such as those I came across must also be trying to sell seed and wood and they see you as competition.
I wish you well then and trust my post here and yours, have allowed everyone to understand your business.

Best wishes for a bright future, Brian.

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Hi Brain, thanks for your quick reply and amendment to your previously state malicious posting, these staement sound far too extreme and in any sense or perspective they sound impossibly wicked twsiting and killing facts that

1)picture are false?
2)seeds don't substain 1% similarities rate
3)cutting are not from the plant thus won't bloom true.

The above statement are very clear that these extreme pharse, connotation are considerably great to those whom are selling similar item as us and it would do them good businese. let me tell you these clearly my hibiscus cutting are easily available here in asia be it imported from thailand or malaysia. we have a collection of 36 true hybrids, 72 cross, and 18 unknown type yet to be named. snipping off these fresh cutting is easy job for us and we don't go to any extend as you have mentioned by MR ALLAN your affliate whom is believe to be a malaysian seller ID EYESHA whom have started this rumour, he/she is a silly person selling the same item as me and notified and guide me to see your posting here. it's despicably nonesense!

All our pictures are taken from our plants, of the countless picture we had, you only MALICIOUSLY ATTACK OUR VIOLET-WHITE MILKY WAY TROPICAL HIBISCUS As ''Tahitian Purple Splendor''whereby your affiliate sound off louder and faster than anyone, let alonr the owner whom you have claimed kept silence, because he knows that everything is not what you guys have claimed.

Desperately seeking for ''evidence'' at such to bewild and mislead my buyers and customers, malign me of fake photos just because 1 out of countless collection picture look slightly similar?? Seeds are hand pollinated by me and 3 of my friends, either fromt he same flower(same color species) or otherwise stated cross-flower. They took several months to mature also similarities rate is up to 65% by our technique of pollination not as miserable as you have mentioned not even 1%, i can understand your statement as iam also an experienced hibiscus grower but not as long as you do. Sometimes miraculous technique are discover not by the years of experience but by stoke of luck and chance.
Also messaging my customer in an attempt to create discord is immoral and we have some reports from customer telling us whose the masterminds are whom had circulate these postings on us. Once it is confirmed, we shall report them through all online means. We hope for your understanding and time for this issue.

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