Are there 3 major kinds of Hibiscus?

jeepgirl19700(z9 Tx)March 21, 2006

I have been planting alot of Hibiscus here 'cos they do so well and all. I notice some labels read "tropical", others "hardy" and still others "rosa-sinensis" ( I may have mispelled that). I even have Rose of Sharon (Althea) that had labels reading "rosa-sinensis". I have some Hibiscus as big as the house and some that are still shrubs, though obviously healthy. Which are the ones that get so big?

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beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)

The ones labeled "tropical" are rosa-sinensis.
I bet the ones that get so big are confederate rose (Hibiscus mutabilis).
The ones labeled "hardy" are usually Hibiscus moscheutos.
There are lots of different kinds of hibiscus, but the most common ones seem to be the rose of sharon, confederte rose, tropical (rosa-sinensis) and hardy (moscheutos).
I myself have:
acetosella, (Cranberry Hibiscus)
coccineus (Texas Star),
and last, but definately not least.......
I love 'em all!

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jeepgirl19700(z9 Tx)

Wow, you've got some I've never heard of. I like em too, that's about all I ever plant anymore...this house came with a neglected, ill-planned garden. I work and have a 3 year old that doesn't take the heat and basically doesn't like it outside. I need low maintenence stuff like this. My hibiscus as tall as the house are definately not confederates, we have those too, i guess they are hardys. All I ever find locally are the "rosa sinensis" but they are doing fine, usually double in height in one season. Only one ever died!I'd love to see pics of the others! Oh, we had one that died that had huge blossems, nearly 10 inches! It was leggy and twiggy when we moved in and when the heat was over 100 for weeks on end, it died...I tried.

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