**newbie to planting flowers / vegies (Kona)

BreeBabyy(9)March 9, 2012

I bought some Gerbra Daises and all i did was dig a whole and mix the soil that came with the already grown flowers with the dirt and watered. Do I need any kind of fertilizer or menuer? Also what do I need to grow vegetables? I was thinking on trying Okra because my other half really likes it. Any kind of input can help Mahalo.

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I garden in Nanakuli, which is leeward but you have a different soil, more volcanic, therefore more acid. You probably need some manure for fertilizer, and the ground might have nematodes. You'll know if your plants do well for a month or so then die back. Okra does very well in our climate, and most warm weather vegetables. The best information you can get will come from neighbors who garden, and there are good publications from UH on home gardens. Just google UH seeds, and you can order seed packets for 50 cents and get them mailed to you.

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hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)

Your daisies may have had some slow release fertilizer around their roots already. Did you notice any little round granules? If you did, those may have been fertilizer. You could add a little fertilizer, if it looks like the daisies want it. If they are growing well, then things are good. If they are yellow or not thriving, then a bit of fertilizer may help.

Do you have any soil to plant in? Otherwise, you can stack rocks (there are nice stackable lava rocks in the Kona district) and make raised bed gardens. What kind of growing conditions does okra like? I've not grown it before. But a quick Google search should turn up that info, then check around your yard and see if there's a spot okra would like.

If you are going to do a vegetable garden, starting a compost pile would be a good thing. Just toss all the yard clippings into a pile is a good start. It will rot down and become really good soil. Adding in manures and compost really improves a garden.

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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

Your plants may benefit from some agricultural lime to reduce the acidity of the soil. If you notice plants in your area with yellow leaves, that's a sign they aren't getting enough nitrogen, and adjusting the acidity will make it easier for them to get the nitrogen.

Check the phone book for garden centers; Home Depot might have it. I could recommend a place in Hilo, but that a long drive!

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