Tuesday Flowers

nat4b(4)July 29, 2014

Several more daylilies had their last bloom today :(

Incendiary - LFO

Loaves and Fishes - LFO

Battle of Jericho - last. A bit disappointing this year, only two scapes,
actually double scaping, and then many buds fell off

Russian Rhapsody - LFO

Carnival in Brazil

Eenie Allegro

Nature's Crown - oh, now it's pink

Look how something chewed one of Barbara Mitchell's flowers.

Sea Dragon - nice bloom but the plant is short and it blooms in the foliage..

Filipina Bride - better opening but needs heat to really open well

I liked today's flowers on Mama's Cherry Pie

and Light of the World


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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Great clump shots of Carnival in Brazil and Light of the World! I like your Mama's Cherry Pie too.

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njmomma(z6 NJ)

I never knew Carnival In Brazil could look so great. Mine is still a double fan after years but in its' defense it needs to be moved to a better spot.
and the Light of the World clump looks great!

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

wow, you got some very pretty ones today.Loaves and Fishes is really pretty, sure hate the name tho, looks like they could have chose a better name for a bloom so pretty.
Battle of Jericho is a beauty and my favorite today, but,I sure like Barbara Mitchell, too. very pretty.


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Nancy zone 6

Carnival in Brazil is really pretty, I don't normally like doubles that well, but Nature's crown is nice. I have Eenie Allegro too, I don't often see pictures of it here, but I always think the colors are so nice.

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You have a lot of nice bright pretty ones. I especially like Barbara Mitchell and Incendiary.


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Thanks everybody!
Yes, Carnival grew too big. I hate to disturb them but they multiply so quickly.
Thanks Jean! There are many names that I don't like but L&F doesn't bother me.
Thanks for a comment about Nature's Crown, Nancy. I decided to keep it. Perhaps my taste did change and I now like doubles :)
Eenie Allegro is so tiny, maybe people can't find it? ;)

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Quite a clump of Carnival. I always enjoy cluster shots.

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shive(6b TN)

Your clumps are just glorious this year! My favorite photos are Incendiary and Light of the World. Your Nature's Crown is looking pinker there. Carnival in Brazil is impressive with it's many flowers.


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Great clump shots! This must have been a good blooming year for you. I think my favorite is Nature's Crown just because it's so different from anything I grow.

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