85 pound Jackfruits .These are the largest tree grown fruits in t

farmfreedomMarch 18, 2006

These are the largest tree grown fruits in the world . Each jack fruit weighs 85 pounds . Where can I buy this giant stain ? I am interested in the most gigantic strains of all fruits and vegetables especially tropical ones.

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Hi, I would like to also know if someone can sell me some seeds. I live in American Samoa.

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This is very late reply, but might be helpful to someone else.

Frankie's Nursery has that tree; the one time I was there walking and looking at their many tropical exotic fruit trees, I suddenly heard a loud thump sound, followed by a rushing sound, and then I saw this big yellow-green jackfruit rolling down the hill towards me. Fortunately, it missed me, but it sure was exciting!

They sell those fruit, so what you could do if you are in Oahu is to buy the fruit and save the seed to be planted.

Their site: http://frankiesnursery.com

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Do you know for sure they weigh 85 pounds?

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I didn't weight it and didn't bother to look closer at it, but they look large. I used to eat this when I was a child in the Philippines and the jackfruit tree was very commonly grown where I lived; some of the fruit does become too large and two people has to carry it. Getting the sweet, yellow flesh out of the fruit is a tedious work--and, which one thing I hated about the fruit, sticky!

Call Frankie's Nusery if they have the strain of jackfruit you wanted, they may have connection of who has it, since they do specialize in tropical fruit trees.

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