Sickly mountain apple tree

lauralizcMarch 6, 2008

I have a mountain apple tree in my yard that was looking very sickly. It looked like something was eating the leaves (lots of holes) and the leaves were brown and curly around the edges. We moved in to this house mid-summer and the tree never bore any fruit (I think mountain apple trees bear fruit in the late summer, but I could be wrong).

About a week ago, however, I noticed the mountain apple tree dropping lots of leaves and new, healthy looking leaves popping out. Now the tree looks pretty good! Is this shedding normal for a mountain apple tree?

Also, any tips on getting the tree to bear fruit? Do I need to fertilize or water? We live in lower Manoa and get a decent amount of rain but maybe not enough.


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By the way, how was your Mt. apple tree? How tall is your tree? I ask this question because I planted one in my backyard few weeks ago. I hope that my tree grows here in Waipahu.

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Stressed trees become more susceptable to pests.

If the holes were in a lacey pattern, it sounds like chinese rose beatles. Not a huge deal unless they are an urgant threat to the trees life/health. I wouldn't worry. Try bying two five dollar compost bags and spreading them around the base of the tree. It should help improve its health and vigor but not emediately. Never hurts, always helps. Especially if the tree don't have decaying organic matter nearby.

If you post pics, we might be of better help. Also, take one of the ground around it.

What parts of the tree are affected? lower leaves? Highest leaves/branches? Whole thing?describe any yellowing.

My guesses:
Water stress- tree wilts temperarily & defoliation near top. Remaining leaves could experience tip necrosis.

Potassium (K) deficiency- lowest leaves experience yellowing at tips progressing to necrosis. Easily corrected unless underlying soil problems are involved.

Overfertilized- e.g. too much Nitrogen can burn leaf tips and harm plant temporarily.

Hard to say. Need pictures.

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