Will my hibiscus come back?

Sheri_MS(z8 MS)March 21, 2006

Hi, I potted a hibiscus with peach blooms last year. It did great but of couse died in the winter. (I left it outside.) Will it come back??? I am not seeing any signs of life yet. How long do I give it before I give up and buy a new one???

Thanks, Sheri

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Hi,the hibiscus will probaby come back.Mine are just starting
to come up,and not all as it is early.Wait a little while.I live in La.,out of Shreveport.I hope this helps.

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Yes it is to early to tell like Maegaret said but it should come back considering you are in zone 8.

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I am trying a 4 foot tree this year and have placed it in the ground with well drained soil and full southern sun. I live just outside D.C. and will keep you all posted. My mother lives in Norfolk VA and hers come back every spring. And while she is in a slightly warmer area than me, she gets snow most every year and her temperature averages in the 30's during the deep winter months. Good luck with yours. How is it doing?

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