New to this forum..I'm from Hypertufa..need advise

hawaii50mom(11Hawaii)March 12, 2004

Hello All, I have a dog kennel/runner that I really want to cover with hide my shed in the background (and my ugly dog house..heheh) But the plants I have there now I am just not happy with...not to mention I am not a gardener all!!! Home Depo loves me, I buy plants by the dozen , cause I have a hard time keeping them alive:) Went through 3 nite blooming Jasmines, and now this one too is not looking good!!

Any how here is my site that shows the kennel...need to know what I can put that will be full and green? That way it will give my little ones shade when there in there.


Carole hawaii50mom

Here is a link that might be useful: Dog kennel

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Thunbergia. Fast, full and lots of flowers.

Let me know if you would like more.

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Thanks Konaphil:)

Is it the same as the blackeyed susan vine? I was looking into that vine, also my hubby say's the other one is a pest plant? (whatever that means) but does not want me growing it becouse he say's it will get out of hand?.... So, Other options? :)
Thank you so much:)
Carole ..hawaii50mom

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One variety of thunbergia is called blackeyed susan vine. By pest i assume he means it is aggressive, spreads a lot and is hard to control. It is aggressive. In the situation you show in your picture, it should be easy to control. It can't grow anywhere but up and over the top. There is nothing for side shoots to attach to, so would be easy to keep pruned.

Blue Jade and red jade vine is similar, but much slower and easier to control and has striking blooms. The blooms make outstanding lei's.

Passion Fruit; but, that is more aggressive than thunbergia.

Pothos (Epiprumnum pinnatum) is a basic. Leaves will grow to 18" long or more. They are green and white or all green. Very neat by itself, or could be mixed with other vines.

Some of the Philodendron's.

Jasmine, but you would have to keep winding it through the fence.


Check these out and let me know.
Good luck.

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