What hibiscus is best for outdoor pots?

AustinGarden(6B)March 18, 2013

What is their growth rate, sunlight needs, etc.?

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These observations are strictly from my personal experiences and many times a collective thought from others. For low maintenance and good growth, any of the (Breeze/Wind) series from Aris are good. They are common during the summer at the majority of nurseries and big box stores. For more exotic CVs, I personally lean towards some Dupont and Charles Black varieties. Acapulco Gold and Voodoo Magic come to mind as great growers producing good branching and blooms. Also Erin Rachel falls in this group of multi colored. Remember that these are tropicals and may not survive winter temps below 40 degrees. For more robust I would select Syriacus or Mosheutos. I have several of each and the blooms can be as impressive. Hope this helps,

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