More flowers to ID

Diphoto(BC Canada)March 20, 2006

Had another trip to Hawaii and appreciated the help ID'ing the flowers last year. Any further help with these would also be appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: HAWAII FLOWERS

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butterfly15_ca(Sunset15 USDA9b)

Although I am not from Hawaii, I do know what some of those flowers are.

Letter B: African iris
Letter C: Bromeliad (Puya?)
Letter D: Phaelenopsis orchid
Letter F: Bromeliad (Puya?)
Letter G: Clerodendrum (Glory Bower Vine?)
Letter J: Guzmania bromeliad
Letter L: Tiare/Tahitian Gardenia
Letter M: Azalea
Letter O: Guzmania bromeliad
Letter P: Anthurium
Letter T: Mandevilla?

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I can identifiy a couple.

E & G are both Clerodendrums thomsoniae -
Aka: Bleeding Heart Vine -just different species.

K - is a Antigonon leptopus aka: coral vine

T - is Cryptostegia grandiflora aka: India Rubber Vine or Purple Allamanda


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Q is a Cannonball Tree

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A. Alpinia purpurata - Red Ginger
B. Dietes bicolor - African Iris
C. Ananas comosus variegatus, or possibly A. bracteatus v. tricolor - Variegated Pineapple
D. Vanda hybrid
E. Clerodendrum x speciosum
F. Ananas comosus - Pineapple
G. Clerodendrum thomsonae - Bleeding Heart
H. Galphimia gracilis
I. Guzmania hybrid, possibly 'Graaf Van Hoorn'
J. Guzmania 'Torch'
K. Antigonon leptopus - Mexican Creeper
L. Gardenia taitensis - Tiare
M. Rhododendron indicum - Azalea
N. Mimosa pudica - Sleeping Grass/Sensitive Plant
O. Guzmania hybrid, possibly 'Luna' or 'Ruby'
P. Anthurium andreanum
Q. Couroupita guianensis - Cannonball Tree
R. orchid hybrid in the Oncidium/Brassia/Miltonia tribe (?)
R-2 (S?). Leucaena leucocephala - Koa Haole
T. Cryptostegia madagascariensis - Purple Allamanda/Madagascar Rubber Vine

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