Are this jar's contents safe to eat?

shamboMarch 14, 2011

I'm usually over at the Cooking Forum but felt I should ask the "experts about this particular issue.

I just got back from a shopping trip to Trader Joe's where I purchased a jar of "Fire Roasted Yellow & Red Peppers." I didn't notice until I got home that a bit of dried scum and maybe some stray pepper skin was stuck to the outside of the jar. Some was also dried and stuck to the threads of the top. The jar seemed well sealed -- It took some effort to open and it popped when I opened it.

So my question is this: Is it safe to eat the peppers or should I just toss the jar?

If this information is helpful, the ingredients are listed as red & yellow bell peppers, water, olive oil, garlic, citric acid & salt.

Thanks for your help,


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readinglady(z8 OR)

What is stuck to the outside of the jar is irrelevant. It simply means there was some expulsion of product during processing and/or inadequate cleaning of the jars following processing. It doesn't affect the safety of the contents.

If the lid was well-sealed then there's not a problem with consuming it. I wouldn't be concerned and based on what you said, I'd happily eat the peppers.

However, the rule of thumb is if you feel even remotely uncomfortable, then for peace of mind it's best to discard. Sometimes even "knowing" something is OK isn't sufficient and it's only a jar of peppers.


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If I were you, and concerned, I'd take it back and exchange it. Or, call the customer service desk at the store and ask them to write you up a store credit for it for the next time you come in and leave it at the desk in their log book (at least, that's how it works in this neck of the woods).

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

I agree. It is only a jar of peppers. I practice "when doubt, throw it out.


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Thanks for your opinions. I tossed the jar (although the peppers smelled wonderful). My concern was not so much the debris on the jar but the fact that it was also on the threads. I wasn't sure if the contents had been compromised. As I said, it "seemed" like the jar had sealed correctly, but...

And as you cautioned, it's better to get rid of something you don't have full confidence in. From now on I'll try to remember to check the lids more carefully.

Thanks again!

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readinglady(z8 OR)

Generally, product on the threads isn't an issue. However . . .

We can give advice, but we can't see what you're seeing and it's always best to err on the side of caution.

If you see that kind of jar on the shelf again, you might give management a heads-up so they can do an inspection. Quality-control should pick up on that kind of thing.


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ahbee01(z5 OH)

Always tell the place where you bought something, or call the company directly, they need to know. Bonus they will comp you for your loss!
I called a company about numerous cans of pizza sauce that looked off, and tasted off. They pulled the whole lot, and found it was burnt and went undetected. The store gave me my money back, and the company gave me a whole bunch of money off coupons, and I mean a stack full! Never toss money in the trash at least let the store know!

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