Dormancy of Hibiscus moscheutos

ocdgardener(8)March 13, 2007

I planted a 'Flare' Hibiscus moscheutos in honor of my mother's passing in 2002. It has done great. This year however I see no new growth. I can't remember if it usually breaks dormancy by now or not. I live in Texas zone 8. Does anyone know?

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I have two Hibiscus plants and they both have done well over the past two years. The plants are dormant to the point that they look dead as they can be tempermental to the cold. I have noticed today that I am getting some regrowth close to the trunk of the plant, so am anticipating that it is moving out of its dormancy. It is a summer bloomer, so it is still early for the onset of a good amount of new growth.

If yours is mulched, move back the mulch and take a look to see if you have some leaf sprigs close to the trunk. If not, see if there is some green in the wood. I would also water it, if you have had drought conditions. With my hibiscus looking dead after coming off the winter, it can be discouraging but also misleading. It's a fighter and is a tenacious summer grower with my cut back plants growing to around 4.5 feet through the course of last summer. Hope this helps. Joe

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Cool --- I have no leaf sprigs but I do have green wood!

Yay! Thanks!

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