Three different citrus trees?

koloaman(11)March 13, 2009

Aloha everyone, I have three different citrus trees in my yard and I don't know the difference. Do you?

(p.s. I'm still not posting pics well it seems; any advice would be appreciated.)

Tree #1 some basic orange I think. Fruit was ripening last October/Novemeber. Nicely large firm oranges. No thorns on limbs. Tends to be very "bushy", full, tree.

Tree #2 some Tangerine or Tangelo? Very large thorns on all trunks/limbs. Fruit last October/November smaller and sweeter than Tree #1. Also taller, straighter, less "bushy".

Tree #3 unknown at all. No fruit last fall, but now has some fruit developing. No thorns, more like Tree #1. Any idea on the blight marks on the fruit in the last photo?

Thanks for any info/help out there. :)

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Hey Koloaman,

Pueokai informed me about your problem with the pictures.

In your photostream, click the picture you want, then you will see a series of tabs (ADD NOTE, SENT TO GROUP, ADD TO SET, etc.). Click on the image of a magnifying glass called ALL SIZES.

Choose the size in "Available sizes: ", I recommend either Thumbnail or Small if you have a lot of pictures to show, then scroll down and you will have two options--choose number 1 that says:

"1. Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage:"

This will let the reader see the image you wanted to be seen. You have to do this for each picture. Since you have a lot of pictures, copy the HTML and paste it on notepad first, and once you have all the HTMLs listed on your notepad, copy all of it and posted it on your message.

Hope this help.

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Thanks Randg and Pueokai for the help. Here's the photos:
Tree #1:

Tree #2:


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As you suspect, tree 1 I would say is an orange. Tree two, probably a tangerine. Tree three looks like grape fruit. I see scabs, which are unsightly but do not harm the fruit. Can't tell for sure if there are rotting spots near them. Wouldn't hurt to get a citrus fertilizer and feed each tree. Water them too if you aren't already.

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