gardening in Makawao

Gene32March 26, 2013

Anybody out there that actually lives in Makawao and has success in growing lettuce, zucchini, tomatoes, or chile peppers?

I just do container gardening. So far my efforts have been a great big dud. From a planting in mid December I got a few cherry tomatoes and a few larger tomatoes, but finally all the leaves died and the fruit stopped ripening.
Planted lettuce from seed 1st of Dec; took foreeeeever to get a few plants up. Seed was pelletized Johnny's.
OK, you get the picture.

Anybody living in Makawao have some ideas?

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Are you on Hawaii or Maui? I'm on Oahu. I grow three different peppers, a type of cherry tomato, and a wild cherry tomato that keeps seeding itself all over the place. I have had difficulty growing lettuce lately (the past 5 months) but have several types of long green bunching onions, kale, and collards. Take heart and keep trying. One of the things that really messed me up was the brand of potting soil that I normally used changed their formula. Finally figured it out and switched to another brand. Amount of exposure to sun can also be a factor. Another one that got me was the birds. Those sneaky buggers were eating up the seeds and sprouts as soon as I went back into the house. Slugs will take over the night shift to finish off any young, succulent sprouts that the birds missed...
Well, hope some of this helps. If I can think of anything else, I'll post...

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Thanks hilee, Yeah I'm here on Maui. Looks like I've got little black critters eating up my lettuce leaves. Harvested a big bowlful, but they're a little tough and not much flavor. Lettuce is romaine; i think I'm going to switch to a type developed by UH. Geez, you can't beat the price of their seeds and I understand the growing results are good.
Thanks again

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How large or small are the little black critters? If they are not in the slug family, I can say that I have had some modicum of success by spraying liquid soap water with a sprayer about every three days; over and under the leaves of various edible plants. Personally, I haven't tried to grow any more lettuce since I discovered bird nests all over the house and yard...I am outnumbered...As it is, I must get to the ripe tomatoes (around 5:00a.m.) to get to the fruit before the red-butt bird and family get to them first. On a positive note, I have harvested enough tomatoes to add to the family favorite: pasta salad.

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I recently moved to
hoping to help

Here is a link that might be useful: Tour phú quá»c 3 ngà y 2 Äêm

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