How grow hibiscus like a tree

Hibiscus_0bsessed(8)March 21, 2013

Last year my neighbor got me into gardening and I fell in love with my hibiscus I started with one plant and now have 7:-). I'm very new to the whole process and by the time I bought most of my hibiscus it was late fall so I haven't even seen them bloom :-(. I got most of them at Home Depot and you know they aren't well looked after there. Anyway my mother-in-law has hers growing like a tree and its beautiful and blooms like crazy. How can I get my little guys to grow that way? I heard that I need to start them from clippings to get them to grow that way, is it true?

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First, I like your name as it is one that would reflect me.
Next, the first item is determining what type of Hibs you have. I say this because I have a few non tropicals I purchased from HD.
If you truly have a tropical H. Rosa-Sinensis you want to shap into a tree, I can try and help. Currently I am working 1 specific plant into a tree. The key is some plants grow different than others. Some of mine have good branching and will be excellent bushes, where as one grows a straight single central trunk that I am working into a small tree. I might be able to help if you are comfortable with the idea that you may not have one of these plants.

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This one didn't have a name, it just said pink and white on the sticker. Then I just got a lipstick, that seems to have a good long thick stem in the middle, I have 3 hugs and kisses, painted lady, brilliant red and one that's a peach orange color, but I can't remember the name of that one.

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I'm adding more pics of what my hibiscus currently look like, its still a little cold in Fresno so they are just getting new growth.

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The 2 full ones I got this week. Lipstick and brilliant.

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If you really want a tree you might want a Confederate Rose Hibiscus as they can get over 10-20 feet tall. :)

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