Growing plants from seeds

pete_jacksonMarch 13, 2008

Once you have collected the seeds after hyberdizing you can let them dry a bit before planting. Then you must nick the round end before placing in the soil. The roots come from the pointed end. Many times if you don't nick the seed will just rot and all your hard work gone.

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i just wanted to mention i've been growing hibiscus for 3 yrs and have never nicked a seed. i've had great success.

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I had some texas star hibiscus seeds for two years. Finally planted them two weeks ago and three have come up so far. Granted I have them in my greenhouse but i didnt have to nick them and im seeing the first signs of secondary leaves

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I've never nicked them either, Pete! I thought they were totally round! Aren't they???

Can you just put them in water like Canna seeds? I saw a post a few days ago about putting Canna seeds in water and it takes about a week for them to start germinating (without nicking, etc.) ----well, I tried it and it works!

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