Overgrown, what to do?

peregrinekt(z6 Connecticut)March 26, 2005

I am taking care of my next door neighbor's plants for him while he is away. I said I would help him out with repotting the houseplants, since he is ill, and in an apartment where he can't really do it, so I brought them over to my house. They are really something!

As you can, see, this hibiscus is huge! and really leggy. One of them he has in a south facing window but this one was in a west facing one. I don't think it has ever been pruned. I'm not going to prune it (well, maybe just a little) before he gets back, but I'd love to hear some strategies for getting it in to shape from this state. The whole thing is about 6' feet tall, the individual branches are about 4' long. I don't grow hibiscus myself so I have no idea how to go about cutting them back, especially ones which are so big. I am not sure what kind they are; but they have a pretty red flower. I Imagine they might benefit from spending the summer outside?

I'd like to give him a strategy for taking care of them when he comes back.

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rjj1(Norman OK Zone7)

Poor thing looks very neglected.

I would prune it down to about 5' tall and cut all branches to about 6"-8" long. It really should go outside during the growing season and be rotated when left indoors.


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It also needs a much larger pot. Poor thing looks root-bound. It sure is lucky to have you helping. :)

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peregrinekt(z6 Connecticut)

Happily they are now in much, much larger pots. I swear, it was all roots and no dirt left in the old ones.
Just waiting for him to get back for the pruning...the one is starting to bud, hopefully he won't be too upset to not have flowers for a while.

I'm planning on trying to root some of the cuttings so if they don't make it at least there will stull be some plants around.


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