Passiflora/Passion Fruit/Lilikoi - Frederick

roanimare(z9)March 17, 2009

Hi - Is the variety Frederick of Passiflora (red fruit) available in Hawaii? If so, is it available at a garden center or nursery -- or do you start it from a friend's plant by cuttings? Any info in appreciated. Thanks.

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I googled Fredrick passifloura and saw pics of the variety that is purple when unripe. I believe those ARE available here.

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Hi - Sorry for the late reply. I was out of town last week. I'm glad to hear that Hawaii does have the Frederick. Thanks.

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I also search for the image of Frederick Passion fruit, and it looks very similar to the purple variety I saw at the Oahu Urban Garden Center that they were selling. I bought one plant because I thought the sample fruit they have looks very attractive.

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I live in California and don't really know if there's a nursery or garden store that sells that variety in Hawaii. :( But, If you can get your hands on some cuttings, I would deeply suggest that you try to root some. I have seen many 'Frederick' passies being grow from cuttings at my local city college. (They have two mature vines) Since that spiecies is a hybrid, you need to propagate them either from cuttings or graft in order to get exactally what you want... (seed grown plants will be unpredictable) Although, I have grown a few from seed myself before knowing of this information. I don't really care which parent side ends up being more dominant just as long as they produce gorgeous flowers and edible fruit, that would be good enough for me. ;)

Hope this is of any help,


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Can someone tell me where to buy lilikoi plants on Oahu?

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Hawaiiwahine, I've seen them at Mililani Walmart, all the Koolau Farmers, City Mill Kaimuki, and Home Depot.

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There is a vendor at the Mililani farmers market that sells the yellow and purple lilikoi. He is usually there most Sundays.

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grandy3(sub-tropical 10)

I so miss my Passiflora that I had in Hawaii so I am wondering if anyone knows of a place on any of the islands that can mail a plant to Florida? I can find many vines here but none produce fruit and fruit is what I want. Thanks for any information you can give me.

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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

The purple ones do better at higher elevation (say, 1500 feet, where I live) than the yellow or orange or giant lilikoi. They also grow really well from seed.

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